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Australia’s first Indigenous owned Full-Service Facilities Management Company, Evolve FM are innovating and breaking new ground in the property sector simply by existing.

But for us that isn’t enough. We’re storytellers, creating our own space, re-envisioning a traditional industry and redefining the standards of what’s possible. We embed our culture into every touchpoint, breathing new life into an often sterile industry. We are as experienced, established and accomplished as our competitors, but grounded with intentions that go far beyond personal interest. Proven and established, we’re excellent at what we do. Unbound by rigid structures—we make our own rules and we get results.

For us, diversity isn’t just a box to be checked, it’s a barometer for success. Creating opportunity is how we thrive, proving this precedent from the top down. We value the impact our decisions have downstream, investing in our community in meaningful and measurable ways. We partner with, hire and support First Nations people on all levels, offering sponsorships, mentorships and pathway programs for success. We challenge an established market and old ways of thinking, setting the bar for what the future could look like. Unlocking new possibilities for our clients and the industry while creating lasting economic and social value for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

“Evolve FM further demonstrates that the Indigenous business sector is maturing. The partnership with JLL not only builds the capability of Indigenous business, but has potential to build the capability of procuring organisations right across Australia. Organisations such as Evolve FM help create a ripple effect into broader Indigenous communities”

Chris Kirby Former CEO, Supply Nation

“The emergence of Evolve FM as a significant player in the property and facilities management outsourcing market is testament to the growing maturity of the Indigenous business sector. They have demonstrated that it is possible to successfully take on mainstream competitors whilst also achieving high levels of both Indigenous employment and use of Indigenous business partners. They are an example for other Indigenous business to follow.”

Laura Berry Former CEO, Supply Nation

We acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Owners of the land on which we conduct business: the Aboriginal and Torres Strait nations of Australia. It is upon their ancestral lands that we stand. We pay respect to the Elders both past and present, acknowledging them as the traditional custodians of knowledge for this place.

ABN: 52 605 472 580

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