Northern Sydney Region Proactive 6

Proactive Tranche 6 – Carlingford, Mooney Mooney, Pittwater, The Forest, The Hills, Windsor

School Infrastructure NSW is seeking to partner with Local Businesses within our School Communities. Tender for Gas Storage Proactive Service is now open.

The tender is open to relevant trades and multi-trade providers with the skills and certification to complete the above-stated Proactive Maintenance work.

Service is to be provided under the Local Contractor Agreement and the successful Tenderer must not appoint any other contractor to undertake the services. Sub-contracting is not allowed under the contract.

A system-generated electronic receipt is issued once the electronic form is filled completely and submitted successfully. All submitted responses are encrypted for security and stored securely in the “electronic tender box”.  All responses successfully received can only be accessed, decrypted, retrieved, and opened after the tender has officially closed.

The tender will close at midnight on 29th May 2024. 

The Tender Submission is an online form; to view the tender documents, please click the relevant links in the below document section. Please ensure your submission is received before midnight on the tender close date.

Enquiries – For any enquiries, please contact us via

Contractor Pre-tender Engagement Sessions

Attendance at a pre-tender information session is highly recommended but not mandatory. Representatives from Evolve FM and Northern Sydney Facilities Maintenance Contracts Team will be on hand to guide you through the tender submission process and answer any questions.

Please click the link below to register for the online pre-tender information session. You may attend more than one session.

If you have already attended an information session but still have questions, please contact the Evolve Procurement Team on phone 02 9185 2303.

Due to the limited number of assets that need to be maintained and their geographical locations there is no restriction on location of ABN in this instance.


The Tender Submission is an online form; to view the tender documents, please click the relevant links in the below document section:

The Documents

1. Schools Asset Listing and Proactive Service Requirements. This has been provided to give indicative asset numbers per site for Gas Storage Proactive Maintenance Service and the Proactive Service Requirements.

  • Gas Storage – Link

Local contractors in completing proactive services are required to make recommendations to update, add and/or delete asset related data if the requirement arises to do so.

2. Local Contractor Agreement. Link

This agreement (including Annexure 4, Annexure 5 and Annexure 6) is for your information only and is not to be completed or returned as part of your package.

  • Annexure 4 – Local Work Order Conditions sets out the terms and conditions that apply to Work Orders issued by SINSW under your Local Contractor Agreement.
  • Annexure 5 – Local Contractor Scope of Services defines the scope of your Contract with SINSW.
  • Annexure 6 – Asset Maintenance Standards are the standards developed by School Infrastructure NSW for NSW Department of Education assets to be maintained.

If your tender is successful, you will receive the Local Contractor Agreement for execution.

3. Proactive Maintenance Standards.  – Link

The scope of services and required frequencies are included in the Proactive Maintenance Standards. This document is included for reference purposes only.

The Submission

 Step 1: Review the above asset data and proactive service standards to determine your lump sum price excluding GST for each school.

 Step 2: Please pre-register below to access the tender section.

NOTE: Tender must be completed in one session, you cannot save and return to the form. Please allow 60 mins for completion.

 Step 3: Once the pre-registration is completed successfully, you can click the “Start Tender Process” button to access the Electronic Tender Form.

Step 4: Please fill the Electronic Tender Form with your tender information. All below sections needs to be completed:

  • Company Details (ABN, Company Name, Trading Name, ABN Address, Business Address)
  • PO Box Details (PO Box, PO Box City, PO Box State, PO Box Postal Code)
  • Contact Details (Mobile/Telephone, Email, Contact Person Name, Fax)
  • Non-Price Criteria
  • Proactive Returnable Schedule
    • Select the Service Type.
    • Select the cluster of schools. e.g. Carlingford.
    • Select the school. You may select schools from more than one cluster.
    • Enter the annual lump sum price (refer to the asset listing for each service) for the respective Service Type.

Step 5: Click “Submit” and an email receipt will be sent to your registered email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

No Sub-Contracting

You must not enter any arrangement (including subcontracting) with any other person to perform any part of a work order issued to your business.

Multi Trader

A multi trader is a business that offers various services across different trades or disciplines, rather than specialising in a single trade. A multi trader will provide these services under the banner of a single business name and will utilise the same ABN. When submitting pricing, multi-traders have the choice of:
Providing an all-inclusive price that encompasses all the services they offer as a mutli-trading.

Responding with an individual rate for each trade.


The location of sub-offices as local businesses is considered by the AMU for Specialist Trades on a case-by-case basis.

Material Receipts

Any total claim for material costs over $300.00 must be supported with a receipt for the item/s. Receipts can be provided in many forms including if a bulk purchase is made and then charged for the products.


Travel will only be claimable if you are required to travel outside of 50km of your registered ABN address. Rates submitted should allow for travel within 50km or your registered business address or limited to only the schools selected.

FMWeb Logins

All tradesperson attending a school site must be entered in FMWeb. As it is a web-based system each person will require an individual email address to allow this.

Aboriginal Identified Business

Businesses must be registered with Supply Nation or the Indigenous Chamber of Commerce to confirm status. This can be confirmed and updated later if your business is not yet registered.

Aboriginal Identified Tradespeople

The Tradesperson data question requests noting if any employee/s identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Aboriginal Procurement Policy Confirming the Indigenous heritage of employees

Suppliers reporting on numbers of FTE employment opportunities for Aboriginal peoples on the contract must be able to demonstrate their process to confirm Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage in line with the guidance available on Buy.NSW.

Certifying Identification

Copies of identification required for the Declaration for Building, Maintenance & Asset Related Contractors Non-Child Related. For employees this can be sighted and verified by the business owner. For Sole Traders copies will need to be verified by Justice of the Peace.


Rates are fixed for two years with no CPI applied after twelve months; this should be factored into your rate submitted.

Minimum Callout Fee

For urgent and emergent work requiring site attendance outside of normal hours a minimum callout time of 3 hours is chargeable as per the out of hours rate submitted and approved by SINSW.


Date ReceivedQuestionAnswer
2024-05-20What is the age of the assets?Asset age is not known currently. Year 1 will require a full report of the asset including register of tested equipment, location, serial number and testing result.
2024-05-20Will there be records of the last service date?No. Year 1 will require a full report of the asset including register of tested equipment indicating equipment, location, serial number and testing result.
2024-05-20Are there any photos of vegetation around the gas storage asset?No. Year 1 will require a full report of the asset. A requirement of the service is to provide before and after photos for every work order completed.
2024-05-23Who owns the gas containers?School Infrastructure
2024-05-23Who supplied the containers?Unknown (not required)
2024-05-23What type of licence is required? Doing initial research and findings show for internal service, inspect and certify required has to have a boiler inspector licence.This service is to be completed by a competent person with the relevant certifications (generally a AICIP Accredited In-Service Inspector of Pressure Equipment; Advanced LP Gas Fitter)
2024-05-23Do we include the price of relief replacement? Yes (will be replaced when required)
2024-05-23How do you know when an internal is due?The asset listing indicates internal is due every ten years. The FMC will schedule as required and maintain a manifest.
2024-05-23Are there prior inspection records?No. Year 1 will require a full report of the asset including register of tested equipment indicating equipment, location, serial number and testing result.
2024-05-23Are there any photos of the sites?No. Year 1 will require a full report of the asset. A requirement of the service is to provide before and after photos for every work order completed.
2024-05-23Would this have to be done after hours or in school holidays to avoid disturbance?No
2024-05-23What is meant by internal inspection?Internal inspection is usually done via a camera
2024-05-23I assume to do an internal the tank would have to be drained and empty. Does this then mean us refilling the tank to a certain amount?Yes

Pre-registration for your Tender Response

Pre-registration is requested in order to submit your tender response. Once you have completed the pre-registration, you will be granted access to submit your tender response.

We acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Owners of the land on which we conduct business: the Aboriginal and Torres Strait nations of Australia. It is upon their ancestral lands that we stand. We pay respect to the Elders both past and present, acknowledging them as the traditional custodians of knowledge for this place.

ABN: 52 605 472 580

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